The Hell Series (SciFi)

This is my baby. My pride and joy. I finished book one in Fall of 2012. The only reason it’s not out yet is because I’m having a hard time letting go. Mama's got separation issues, ya know.

1.     Hell, Next Exit (Book One)
Complete - Editing
77,281 words

2.     Hell Burning (Book Two)
Complete - Editing
84,200 words

3.     Hell’s Ashes (Book Three)
Work in Progress

4.     Hell to Heaven (Book Four)
Still in my head

5.     Hell, Next Generation (Book Five)
Still in my head

6.     Home Sweet Hell: Hell Love Stories (Book One - MM)
Complete - Editing
90,546 words

7.     Lucy & Bruce: Hell Love Stories (Book Two - MF)
Still in my head

8.     Whip & Rachel: Hell Love Stories (Book Three - FF)
Still in my head

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  1. Who says you have to wait until the first book is out to put a later book in the series out? Santa's Elf is actually book 5 in my series, but it was the first one published.