SciFis & Paranormals

I love science fiction. Anytime I can get my brain wrapped around something that doesn't really exist, I'm happy. That's what makes writing SciFi so much fun. You can just go crazy. Do whatever you want. Make the world one big oozing mess of purple boogers, if you want. Ewww. SciFi is only good if it's believable, so you won't find any purple snot in my books.

Although most of these have an element of romance to them, it's the character's journeys that make the story. That's why they're here, instead of under My Romances.

The first story on this list is the one that started my writing career. The dream that saved me from the normalcy of the 9-5 desk job, a mortgage, and an ever-expanding waistline. THANK YOU PESKY LITTLE DREAM!!!!!

1. Shadow and Light
          Work in Progress
          I lost the first draft when my computer crashed in 2009.
          It's still in my head, but it's quiet. 
          When these characters start talking to me again, I'll get back to writing it.


2. Last Sunset in Vegas (Book One)
          Complete - Editing 

3. Last Sunset in L.A. (Book Two)
          Work in progress
          17,451 words

4. Last Sunset (Book Three)
          Still in my head. (lost with computer crash)


5.  The Dragon Prince
          Complete - Editing
          83,277 words
6. Angels & Demons 
          Complete - Editing
          29,435 words

7. **Book Two**
          This sequel includes characters from The Dragon Prince and Angels & Demons.
          I guess it's still in my head. I can't find it anywhere on my computer.
          I love this one.
          Eric (the Dragon Prince) and Connor (the demon) are both such DICKS.
          The future of mankind lies in their hands. We are so screwed.

8.  Bugs (FM)
          Basic storyline only.

9. The Sandman (FM)
          Work in progress 
          1,210 words.
10. Silence (This one is so creepy. It give me the willies, and I'm the one writing it.) (FM)
          Basic storyline only (lost with computer crash)

11. Long Live the King (FM)
          Basic storyline only (lost with computer crash)

12. Runaway Home (Total shit - needs a major revamp)
          Basic storyline only. (lost with computer crash)

13. Human No More (Title changes a lot on this one)
          Still in my head. (lost with computer crash)

14. Scooby Squad (Book One)
          Work in progress
          +/- 50,000 

15. Scooby Squad (Book Two)
          Still in my head

16. Gods, Thieves, and Long Legged Women
         Complete - Editing
         18,929 Words

17. Animus & Eelan
         Work in Progress
         6,351 Words

18. Emo Incubus
         Work in Progress
         18,493 words

19. Bat people stuffs (still working on the title)
         Work in Progress
         1,599 (there's more somewhere - where did I put that?"


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