Saturday, April 22, 2017


I RAISE A GLASS (of orange juice, cuz I don't drink alcohol), TO ALL MY FRIENDS (oh yeah. I have no friends) WITH DEPRESSION, IN THE HOPES (oooohhhh, that's a pretty word, isn't it) OF THE DAY (or night, I'm not picky) WHEN DEPRESSION (which really sucking fucks, by the way) IS NO LONGER A PART OF OUR LIVES. AND, IF THAT DAY (or night - seriously? Don't start that shit again) NEVER COMES (I suck at uplifting speeches), HAVE NO FEAR. THERE'S ALWAYS MORE ORANGE JUICE.

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This was a reply to a facebook friend who was having a rough week. I like it, so I thought I'd post it here. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blogs and Books

Things have started picking up around here. Or, should I say, slowing down. After With This Ring came out, I spent most of my time relaxing and enjoying family. In November of 2014, though, we moved from the Willamette Valley to Portland for work. Claire and I are finally settled in a nice apartment, with enough room for each of us to have our own offices. Jock-O and Dink are as happy as overindulged little Chihuahua's can get. Or, as my sister calls them, Chi-way-way's. Yes, I got the dogs when hubby and I split up. We don't talk, but I've forgiven him, and wish him all the happiness in the world. The Evil Day Job is wonderful. Amazing even. I work with a phenomenal group of people, and I work from home 99% of the time. SCORE! I truly love my job; but it's not my only one. And that leads me to the part of my life that is picking up; the "obsessive writer" part. My sister, mother, and I were all in the same house for a few days in April of this year, then again a few weeks ago. And we are all writers. If you are, know, or have experience with writers, then you understand what happens when you get a few with incredible imaginations in the same place. The creativity soars. Sis is on day five of a writing challenge between her and another writer. You can learn more about that in the link below. She and I are discussing a joint venture: multiple novels with interlocking characters, and mom is going all out in building and painting projects in her back yard. She'll probably have a second story added to her place before the end of summer. As for me, I'm writing again. Every day. My attempts at editing Dragon Prince earlier this year were disastrous. I butchered it when all it needs are a few adjustments here and there. Thankfully, I've come to my senses, trashed all changes, and have begun the steady and SENSIBLE process of preparing my first paranormal book for submission. Water Cooler, Emo Incubus, and a few others are getting attention too. I'm letting the characters choose the stories I work on each day. But it's not just novels I'm writing now. I'm blogging. That sounds so strange when I say it, but that's what I'm doing. I may be a little late to the party, but I have something to say, so I'm going to blog until I can blog no more. When I decided to start focusing more on this site, the ideas for different posts flooded in. There will be no set pattern to what I'll write, but if I can't make you laugh, I'll try to make you think. I hope everyone out there is doing well. To all of my Facebook friends, I love hearing about the new babies, new cars, and long planned vacations. I'm not the most talkative online, but I'm still there. See you on Saturday. :) Dane Waters

Friday, July 4, 2014

I Do Not Like Change

With This Ring, I Thee...Oh Shit! is the title to my second book. It's a m/m erotic romance, and is scheduled for release, by Loose-id, on July 15, 2014. You have no idea how hard it was to get this book done. The changes in my life, over the last year, are the reason With This Ring is so far behind schedule.

I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE. It's aggravating, annoying, and an all around pain in my ass. Now, I'm not the type of person to back down from a challenge. I can take whatever comes my way. I just don't have to like it.

Exactly one year ago today, my husband and I split up. I will probably post on that after the divorce is final. Or after I figure out how the man I trusted and loved for over twelve years, turned into a total dick overnight. Whichever comes first. 

With the split, came a move from La Pine back to the Willamette Valley. That meant going from a town with exactly three traffic lights, to a city of more than 350,000. Don't even get me started on the pollen count down here. It also meant moving in with my family who - I have to admit - is a little crazy. 

All of the above played a part in my first case of writer's block, which is far more than mentally exhausting. It's physically painful. I'm talking sore muscles, headaches, and nausea 24/7. I hate to say it, but writers don't know how to function, as human beings, if they can't write. The stories are part of us, and without them, the sun is dull on it's brightest day. It's cold in 100 degree heat, and food is tasteless. Luckily, most of us get past it. How I did surprised me, and shocked the hell out of everyone I know.

I fell in love with a girl. Go figure.

Believe me, I wasn't looking for a relationship. With all the bullshit my future ex was throwing my way, dating was the last thing on my mind. But, there she was. My Claire. My interest in females and how Claire and I met is a story for later, but she played  huge role in getting me back to my writing. She helped get With This Ring off the computer, and on the shelf, so to speak. 

Yes. Change will forever sucks, but life is always good. Mine is so much better than it was a year ago, and there are nothing but great things ahead. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The AMB Ovation Award

 Tonight is a very special night for me. Tonight is the night I went from being a published author, to being an 'award winning' novelist. I know, it's just a play on words, but just saying it rocks.

I am the recipient of the first AMB Ovation Award for Best Debut Author in LBGT Literature.

When I got the email in August, I thought -- "I probably won't win, but this is nice". I put out a little 'guess what' post on facebook, then didn't think too much more about it. Even in my thank you letter, I made it clear that being nominated was the big thing for me. And it was. Until I woke up today.

From the moment the sun came up, The Angie was all I could think about. I know what you're saying. "What a dork." But that's how it's been all day. I've ignored the laundry and my dog's dinner was even late. You'd think I was too old to get excited over such things, but damn if I wasn't wired.

To make matters worse, earlier this afternoon, a countdown clock popped up on Angeline Bishop's website. As if I wasn't stressing out enough as it was.

 I finally told my family this evening. Yeah. They weren't happy with me. Lots of dirty looks and smacks to my arm for keeping such important news to myself. By the way, my mom still has a killer backhand. I didn't tell them exactly when the winners would be announced, just that it would be tonight. What can I say? I was getting a little worked up. I wanted to get past the 'damn, I didn't win' stage before telling them.

Go figure. I won. There was my book on the screen, my name being read. I think I actually stopped breathing for a minute. That had to be one of the best moments of my life. Definitely the best in my career so far. If one of my novels ever makes it to the New York Times Best Sellers list; it won't be as climactic as tonight has been. Too bad, New York Times. You guys are just too slow.

I was nominated by P. Richardson from West Chester Pennsylvania. I wish I knew who P. Richardson was so I could thank him/her personally. All the stress I went through to get Falling in Love with Crazy published was so worth it.

And it never would have happened if my sister, Qwillia Rain, hadn't pushed me so hard to submit it. She can be so bossy sometimes. I was also lucky to get the best editor in the world, Venessa Guinta. Oh man, did she tear up FiLwC on the first round of edits. It was a much needed butchering, and she was so nice about it. If it weren't for her, there would be 'Kill Ryuu' groups popping up everywhere. Poor guy. And lets not forget Valerie Tibbs and her fabulous cover art. She got Daniel and Ryuu perfect from the start.

Well, son #2 has promised me dinner wherever I want to celebrate. I can't keep the family waiting.

If you'd like to hear who won in all the other categories, I've posted Angeline Bishop's website below.

Until next time