My Romances

Not long into Hell, Next Exit, I realized I was not only writing an action/sci fi story, but a gay love story as well. With SEX! My first historical romance was already in the works, and it has two gay characters but it didn't have any sex scenes. (spoiler alert: it does now)

Erotica, steamy sex scenes, and all that BDSM stuff...that belonged to my sister, Qwillia Rain. So? Why the hell was it in one of my stories? When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

Anyone with the writing bug knows, the characters rule their worlds. The story is their's, all we do is write it. Needless to say, neither Evan, nor Trench were willing to change who they were. So, that was my first brush with erotica. A fist throwing, nose breaking, try-to-kill-each-other kind of erotic romance, but a romance all the same. 

I was into the second or third book of the Hell series when Falling in Love with Crazy showed up. Daniel and Ryuu were my first contemporary romantic couple. That story took hold and would not let go until I finished it. I think editing took longer than actually writing it. As soon as I sent FiLwC in for proofing, the MM romances started flooding my brainwaves. 

Who knows if I'll continue writing MM erotic romance. I have a hard time with sex scenes, no matter the gender, so I might hold onto the romance, and lighten up on the erotica. Or not.

EROTIC ROMANCES: The ones with sex. 

          1. Holding Onto Crazy (Sequel to Falling in Love with Crazy)
                  Basic story line only. (Contemporary, MM, bondage)

          2. ??? No title - Third story w/Daniel & Ryuu. 
                  Still in my head. (Contemporary, MM, bondage)
                  I'm not sure if I want to write it. It's a little out there, even for me.

          3. With This Ring, I Thee...Oh Shit
                   PUBLISHED JULY 15, 2014 

           4. Emo Incubus (Paranormal, MM) (The title pretty much explains it all)
                    Work in progress
                    17,116 words.

           5. Unbreakable China Doll (Contemporary, Multicultural, MM, dubious consent)
                     Work in progress
                    48,251 works.

           6. Virgin Sunrise (Contemporary, MM, toys)
                     Work in progress. My first short story.
                     4,791 words.

           7. Wizards, Devils, and Sprites (Paranormal, MM, dubious consent)
                     Work in progress 
                     10,208 words.

           8. Sin's Eden (SciFi, MM, MF, FF, MMF, dubious consent)
                     Work in progress
                     16,931 words.

            9. Word Around the Water Cooler (Contemporary, MM)
                      Work in Progress
                      9,674 words.

          10. Two Much Love (Book One) (Contemporary, MM, MMM, bondage)
                      Work in progress
                      39,154 words.
          11. Two Much Love (Book Two) (Contemporary, MM, MMM, bondage)
                       Still in my head.
                       I don't know if I want to write this one. It's so cheesy. Ugh.

          12. Soul Eater (Paranormal, MM, toys, roleplay)
                       (I hate this title-it's just for now)
                       Work in progress
                       16,810 words.

          13. Unchained (Contemporary, MM, BDSM)
                       (Sis isn't going to be happy about this)
                       Work in progress. Contrived, my ass. I'm writing it!
                       15,646 words.

          14. Brothers, Lovers, and Friends (Contemporary, MM)
                        Work in progress
                        2,414 words.

           15. ??? No Title. Book One (Historical, MF, MM)
                        Work in progress
                         23,378 words.

           16. ??? No Title. Book Two (Historical, paranormal, MM)
                         Work in progress
                         5,714 words.

          17. ??? No Title. Book Three (Historical, paranormal, MM, MMM)
                        Work in progress
                        25,267 words

          18. Queen of All (Book One) (SciFi, MF, dubious consent)
                        Basic story line only.

          19. Queen of All (Book Two) (SciFi, MM)
                        Basic story line only.
                        I'm sure I had part of this written out already. I'll have to find it.

          20. Exodus (SciFi, MF)
                        Basic story line only.
          21. ??? No title. "BP" (SciFi, MF, MFM)
                        Work in progress
                        1,602 words. I thought I had more on paper. It's all still in my head.

          22. Demon Valley (Book One) (SciFi, MF)
                        Basic story line only.

          23. Demon's Legacy (Book Two) (SciFi, MF)
                        Basic story line only.

          24. The Porn Star and the Pie Maker (contemporary, MM)
                        Work in progress
                        1,340 words

ROMANCES: The ones with NO sex (Kissing and touching only)

          25. Misunderstanding (Contemporary, YA, MM)
                        Work in progress
                        5,937 words.

          26. Speak to Me (Contemproary, Multicultural, MM)
                        Work in progress
                        12,175 words.

          27. Flash Mob Kings (Book One) (Contemporary, Multicultural, YA, MM, MF)
                        Basic story line only.

          28. Flash Mob Kings (Book Two) (Contemporary, YA, MM)
                        Still in my head.

          29. No Place For Kelly (Contemporary, MM, Gender Bender)
                        Work in progress
                        29,908 words


  1. Oh, you had to add insult to injury, not only by making one of your stories BDSM, but #13 (MY number!!) We've had this discussion, Stilts, kink is my job!
    LOL, looking forward to seeing what you do with Unchained...just make sure you do your research because I'll kick your butt if you pull any 50 Shades crap!

    1. Oh. I'm likin' the BDSM, sis. Look out.