Thursday, July 14, 2016

Writing challenge - Day One

I've joined my sister's +Qwillia Rain writing challenge.
The goal: Write for 20 minutes or 500 words every day for 80 days.
The reward: I can log on to Facebook. I rarely post, but it seems I do log on almost every day. 
The punishment: Originally, I chose to miss out on listening to my old radio shows for a day. However, my beautiful girlfriend, Claire; whom I THOUGHT loved me, has changed that to my having to listen to Lil Wayne for 30 minutes. I'm a Marlene Dietrich/Louis Armstrong kind of girl, so that should guarantee I don't miss a day. The added kick is, missing a day = starting the 80 days all over again. Oh boy.

So, here are my stats for today.

1. How much did I write today? Word count for the day? How long did it take?
     838 words - 838 words (I just started, remember) - over 2 hrs (don't judge me)
2. Total word count for WIP?
     838 words
3. How do I feel about what/how I did in today's writing session?
     Pretty good. I had a rough draft ready, but this is my Saturday blog I'm working on. It's
     more tweek and perfect, than just write. I need more emotion to it. Two talking 
     points need to be added, and the flow isn't quite right. Thankfully, mom has 
     agreed to review/edit it. 
4. Compare/Contrast today's session to yesterdays?
     Pretty good, considering I didn't have a session yesterday. I did write, but that was 
     just brain storming.
5. Did I enjoy it?
    Very much, so. I'll enjoy it even more with it out of my head. It's getting a little crowded
     up there.
6. What am I looking forward to in tomorrow's session? 
     I need it complete, to and from mom, then ready to go for early Saturday AM

See y'all tomorrow.

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